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UV Ink

OBOOC UV Ink Features

OBOOC UV Curable Inks use the latest technology to provide for rapid curing at low 

energy levels. This allows Ink Mill users to reduce their lamp power, thereby giving 

the printer more print media options. Some substrates are very heat sensitive and have 

not been previously viable for UV curable printing. 


However, now with Ink Mill Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks, these medias can

effectively be used. Other benefits to this product are increased abrasion, adhesion, 

and overall performance of printed output. Ultra Low Energy UV Curable Inks for 

digital industrial and graphics applications, available for printhead-based printers and 

industrial inkjet systems.


High Quality Compatible UV Ink forCeramic by DX7/5 Printer Head



UV printing inks suitable for metal, glass, ceramics, PC, PVC, ABS and other materials.


UV Curable Ink Features and Effcet


  • Faster production speeds and capacity Reduction of Work-in-process Dramatically reduced
  • set-up/clean-up labor 
  • Environmentally Friendly – Energy savings, no emissions controls 
  • Less floor space needed  
  • Increase yield and reduce scrap