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Dip Pen Ink

What is dip pen?

Dip pen is kind of fountain pen,its nib are made of metal and as writing tools with the tip

dipped in ink.


Dip Pen Ink Feature

1.Neutral PH value,No harm to tip of dip pen.

3. Liquidity is good, no blocking to the pen,smooth Writing

4. Not easy to melt,quick drying

5.Similar with fountain pen ink,but have high ink density,so fountaiin pen ink can be used

for dip pen,but dip pen ink can not be insured to use for fountain pen.

Ink type Water Based Dye ink  Water Based Pigment ink Packing
Application Mainly Used for Writing Mainly Used for Drawing Comic 1L,20L,25L
Price Low High Customized available


Multiple Colors for your choose.